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mobile payment

at self-service machines has never been that easy!


Mobilicard provides a complete, end-to-end, secured solution for mobile payment at self-service machines. Designed to be easily adapted to any self-service machine and to support any payment scheme, thereby eliminates the need for additional card readers and coin equipment.
With mobilicard technology, students can now leave their physical wallets behind and get around campus with just their smartphones when they go to use the washing machine or print documents or buy at the vending machine (available for Android and iPhone).
Want to Join the mobile contactless revolution today?
Why Mobilicard ?
As an operator, you always want to be at the forefront of technology and provide your users with the best and most convenient solution.
Grow Sales
Scales up sales by opening up new options for loyalty and personalized sales promotions to users which didn’t exist before.
Cut CaPex

Avoid the need to setup internet connectivity. Save costs by replacing expensive touch screens with user's smartphone screen and remove costly coin handling  .

Technology for best and simplest user experience

​Mobilicard innovative 'near-field' BLE technology ensures consistent 'tap gesture' user experience across all phones  and OS types with no dependency on mobile phone BLE sensitivity and/or the availability and support of the NFC protocol.
Tap your phone to start transaction,
confirm payment, you are done !

SCOPoS - Secured BLE reader fits any machine type

Mobilicard's SCOPoS purposely designed for mobile contactless/proximity payment as well as access control with integrated Secured Element. A single device which supports multiple interfaces and protocols to fit any type of self-service machine.

Examples for Use Cases
“We are excited to bring mobilicard's innovative technology to our laundry rooms” said Itzak Hefter, Chief Operation Officer at Woodhill Venidng. “The convenience of using    mobilicard's secured mobile wallet application is a significant benefit for us as an operator as well as improving students’ campus life. Our team is working closely with Mobilicard to make it available in as many places as possible.”
- Itzak Hefter , Woodhill Vending.
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