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Near-Field BLE (NFB)

Winning Technology For Best User Experience

Mobilicard Near-Field BLE (NFB) patent-pending technology, is an innovative technology for mobile payment, identification and validation. NFB was developed to provide the best and most flexible user experience while overcoming all the technical, operational and commercial limitations that exist in other technologies.
How does it work?
A typical mobile payment usage/scenario with NFB:
  • ‘Tap’ the reader with your Smartphone establish connection with Mobile App
  • You can now step away from reader and stand comfortably while still maintaining communication with reader.
  • Select a product or confirm payment using the mobile app UI 
Mobilicard’s NFB is implemented in the reader side (SCOPoS) and utilizes BLE technology to provide ‘NFC–like’ user experience and security.
NFB introduces the following advantages:
  • NFB dynamically adjusts the BLE signal strength from few cm ('tap' distance) to few meters and still maintain communication with the user.
  • NFB enables comfortable ‘after tap’  communication with machine for e.g. product selection,  payment confirmation, personalization & promotion offers.
  • NFB performance is not dependent on user’s smartphones  BLE sensitivity
  • BLE  is widely supported and available on almost every iOS and Andorid smartphone with standard API.
* Patent approved
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