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 Mobile payment at self-service machines made easy

Mobile payment is all about user-experience. With that in mind,  Mobilicard's solution has been architected from the ground up to enable the best user experience and most flexible solution in the industry for mobile payment at self-service machines.
No matter what type of machine you have (smallest coin operated or largest vending machine), or what type of payment method you would like your customers to use, Mobilicard's solution would suite your needs with a one single device and same Android or iOS Mobile App.
Supports any payment card type and payment method
Credit/debit card, private cards, prepaid schemes with Mobilicard's built-in wallet or 3rd party wallet, employee/student card and more.
Available today for both iPhone and Android
One payment app for all types of machines, with consistent user experience
across all phones and OS types.
Utilizes smartphone’s internet  for online connectivity
Eliminating the need to connect every machine in the room, via cabling and wiring, or cellular modem to the Internet
Ability to work offline when internet is weak or not available
mobile internet in the room is not available or too weak ? not a problem, with mobilicard, internet is not any more a mandatory requirement for mobile payment !
Smart card level of security with built-in Secure Access Module (SAM).
End-to-end security  from payment server, through the mobile app down to Mobilicard's SCOPoS™
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